Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am the broken masses working days for pennies, beat down and pushed out. I am the cry of an unused education, wrecked in the wake of my hands' not so idle wor

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From random places: psyches crossing, wrong time right place, light reveals differences between gaga and gillespie, between choice and
chance, yet still, as always, without definitive end.
From random places: psyches crossing, wrong time right place, light reveals differences between gaga and gillespie, between choice and

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Whew! Big moves and small moves...

A few things going on right now. Mercury Soapbox hasn't had a show in a little bit but we're about to change all that. I want to go back to my element in free shows with art music and a good crowd, but its hardly sustaining because art supplies, transportation, duct tape, light bulbs, etc cost money. Sucks right? But the american capitalist system is so, lol. But walking among my fellow unemployed artists, I find many artisans! People creating beautiful pieces for your to loft above your couch and know what it feels like to live in that piece of art. Ok, getting off track, sorry. Here's what we want to do, followed by what we need to do it. If you can help with anything contact us at or find us on twitter or facebook.

Things we want to do:
  • Multiple video game tournament: SF4, Madden 10, Fight Night 4, and UFC. Money raised in the tournament can go to a charity, preferrably Fighting For Futures.
  • Black book show: several artists will submit their respective black books and have sit and draw sessions with ppl in groups. Prints of pieces can be made to order.
  • Short screenings: party at a movie theatre and screen short films by talented artists.
  • mercury soapbox book club: a collection of writers and readers, who'll read vaguely connected books and help one another via debate and discussion
things we need:
  • VENUES!! We're always looking for venues with a good location and a heartfelt penchant for art. if your venue has a specific specialty, please let us know and we'll cater to your niche.
  • VOLUNTEERS! we might need to borrow something so we don't have to buy it, you know? for example: having 4 friends volunteer their ps3's so we don't have to rent or buy 4 ps3's really helps to keep shows free. I'm just sayin :)
  • CREATIVE TYPES! I didn't want to capitalze that one but for the sake of continuity, i did. Anyway, you know we're always looking for interesting and fun creative people to spotlight at shows, expose to new friends and show work to their biggest fans. That includes you, musicians.
Alright kids, thats all for now but let's link up soon. Peace y'all!

PS: if anyone needs a photographer to take candid photos (cause i hate to pose ppl, but i have to sometimes), let me know- i am available :)
PPS: if anyone knows of a chinatown bus connection to chicago, let me know.