Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama must be accountable...

People are throwing a lot of promises around these days, just like every 4 years around this time. Personally I like Senator Obama for many reasons, but I DON'T TRUST POLITICIANS! So here's, what i propose- we must ask Mr. Obama to take immediate action towards positive change if he does indeed become president. This change must be obvious and drastic and must occur within the first six months of his presidency. Anything less and i'm afraid i will believe he is just another politician in a long line of corporate-owned White House lawn jockeys, pushed into office by evil corporations to make us believe in the charade they've been calling democracy.

This, however, requires us to be specific about the things we need. So, what do you want from President Obama in the first 6 months of his tenure as president as proof that he is representing the voice, views and beliefs of his constituents?

I will put mine down first: There are about 142,000 troops in Iraq- I expect you to bring home 25,000 at the very least in your first six months (beginning with those who were stop-lossed), as well as establish a timetable to remove all of our troops from the middle east.

Who's next?

Hottest Charity Work Ever...

Katy Perry gets her breasts molded for a Breast Cancer Charity. Is there a Prostate Cancer Charity i can do this for?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Truth from craigslist...

Check this out, it's a craigslist posting responding to a sort of verbal attack, but i like the honesty in this...

RE: love on the rocks
You know how many guys are here posting for women they love? You also need to understand that those men you call "cowards" are not cowards. The men that look at their shoes and are shy are the ones that see the inherent beauty and power of the female or that female. These men see you as equal while the "courageous" ones see you as beneath them. Think about it. How is a man that sees the beauty and power of the female going to act in an extremely male driven society?

heres the original post:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Adam Suerte's New Website

Adam Suerte is an old drinking buddy of mine, lol, and a gifted artist and tattooer. You might recognize his style from the Rock Band video game and assorted brooklynites everywhere.


Existential Highway

Monday, August 25, 2008

WTC 7 Brought down by Fires?

Are you serious? Do you guys really expect us to beleive this shit? They said a skyscraper had never been brought down by fire before, making this "an extrordinary event". Extrodinary? is that what you call it when the FUCKING LAWS OF PHYSICS CEASE TO EXIST?

More will come but let me know what you think...

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Definitive Dark Knight Review?

I think i was the last person on the planet to see this film. After seeing it, i have no idea what took me so long to see it. This film was so massive, so strong and relevant that it shook me to the core. lets see if i can break this down into bullets...
  • Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent was spectacular. His character was referred to as the "light of the city" and his performance in the film was a true reflection of that. His optimistically brazen Harvey enlightened and inspired while his broken and scarred Harvey showed a stark and fierce contrast to all other characters in the film.
  • Christian Bale. Duh.
  • Heath Ledger's death genuinely affected me because i always knew that he had this kind of performance inside of him. His joker will inspire debates on the nature of humanity, morality vs supposed morality, establishment vs chaos, etc. etc. Plus the voice, the laugh, the mannerisms were all perfect.
  • Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are an amazing supporting cast, providing intelligent and cautious father figures for the otherwise headstrong, stubborn and foresight lacking Bruce.

The intensity of this film makes it difficult to discuss it because i havent really had time to process everything that i'm feeling from it, and there is a lot to feel. The Joker was a stumbling wrecking ball of truth, anarchy and logic who's assumption of the dark nature of humanity is nearly spot on, so much so that he is able to capture not only his Gotham audience but also his real world audience.

i will add more soon, but dont be afraid to chime in....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mercury Soapbox Presents An Urban Art Show

The origin of Mercury Soapbox...

It came to me in a flash, like all great ideas do (thats what i hear). Why isn't there a place where everyones opinion has equal weight? Where people can learn to listen to one another?
you mean like the internet?
Like the internet but more real, more tangible, more inclusive. So the crossover magazine was born, but it needs readers and editors to flourish. Luckily for us our readers are our editors!
This blog will have stories, articles of interest, sneak peeks at cool new stuff, photos, and just general thoughts that need your opinion. So stay tuned, it's time to get on that soapbox and speak your mind!