Thursday, November 17, 2011


WOW! The turn out was incredible! This event was at Sandbox Underground, a new community based venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (257 Grand St) and it was perfect for us. We had a bit of a hold up as the streaming performances we promised ran into some technical difficulties, but the crowd started to come in and walk around, checking out art by Patricia Koo, Errol Basdeo and Lee Ann Irrizary as DJ EUGENE started spinning some soul-touching electronica. When we kicked off the show, everyone was smiling and ready for the musical love about to descend upon them. Art, a terrifically prolific Washington Heights rapper, was up first with a few joints followed by (in rough order) lime- a poignant and technically strong rock band, corona spencer- young but talented musician rocking acoustically, Jay Spade- upcoming SWAGSTAR rapper, some spoken word by Lee Ann and Octavia Almonte a few choice pieces by Adrienne Mack Davis, incredible lyricist and singer, and finally a set by the Unstoppable Progress before DJ EUGENE danced us into the night. And all the while, live paint legends Cern, Marthalicia Matarrita and Sole Rebel painted beautiful photoshop pieces on our projection screen. It was such a great show! The Next one will Be on December 16th, also at Sandbox Underground. MAke sure to check out pictures from the show on our flickr and look out for video (being edited as we write) AND the FIRST EVER ISSUE OF MERCURY SOAPBOX MAGAZINE