Tuesday, May 19, 2009

capitalist idol

Wait a second. Everyone knows that both contestants on american idol are getting record deals, right? Ya know why? Because they know you'll buy the losers album too! call it sweeping up past profits. also the reason for the american idol tour...

fleet week

Fleet week is starting in nyc again. Ladies, i know this is one of your favorite times of year, like when they release the firefighter calendar. But seriously, keep some condoms handy- this ain't the fifties.

Can't sue the feds for unlawful detainment?

Apparently the supreme court has decided that ppl wrongfully imprisoned after september eleventh, alleged to be suspected terrorists, cannot sue the feds. I think thats bullshit. How about you?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something before I sleep...A thought

Every single day I open my eyes, the gears moves inside my head rapidly developing the image which govern my writing. Then there is the time where I am in and out of sleep like now. In this twilight hour, I am propelled constantly in between the fiction and facts of reality. Within these walls, I experience the full comforts of delusions. The feeling of identity slips past my hollowed grasp. I can hear the notes of unwritten music resonating as my gaze is fixed on the unknown lover singing each lyric that has been familiarly foreign to me. I blink and I am at war, tasting the dried blood in my cheek and the smell of burning bone. On my knees, I take hold of the fought over earth and feel it warm among the surrounding shrapnel. From these hands, I see the ghosts of the children that I have never fathered. One breath and I am home again, in my skin still shaking. Just knowing where my mind goes from time to time, I wonder if I am real before I sleep.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Short Story, work in progress- please comment!!

There's a boy that delivers food to me everyday from the local diner. He's not a boy really, more a man with boyish charm, a light air that seems to follow him around. I've never told him my name and i don't know his, but what i know is the look that is in his eyes for the brief moments he is standing at my door watching me count money in my translucent robe. Sure i have other robes, but this one shows off my nearly naked form best.

I asked him to come inside, once, under the guise of finding my money, seizing the opportunity provided by sheets of rain crashing down. He thanked me in a politely reserved, deep, strong voice as i sauntered into my bedroom and moved things around, just to keep appearances and my hands steady. I watched curiously through my mirror as he took off his hat to wipe his brow, searching and finding his pensive and thoughtful eyes, his strong and stubbly jaw.

'i just,' she starts, and falters slightly, as she walks into the foyer. She walks right into his space, nearly striding comfortably into his sweet imaginary embrace but stopping short of attempting it. She took a good look at his face, its early creases rising with his natural smile, encouraging her to continue saying what she was afraid of saying, what she'd been afraid of saying before, not just for the act itself being terrifyingly self-revealing but also for the grabby assholes she'd gotten when she's judged wrong about someone.
'it's just that I've seen you a few times and you seem, what i mean is, i haven't really been with a man in a while.'
'in the presence of a man,' his deep, confidently intelligent voice rang,'or with a man like that?'

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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