Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama must be accountable...

People are throwing a lot of promises around these days, just like every 4 years around this time. Personally I like Senator Obama for many reasons, but I DON'T TRUST POLITICIANS! So here's, what i propose- we must ask Mr. Obama to take immediate action towards positive change if he does indeed become president. This change must be obvious and drastic and must occur within the first six months of his presidency. Anything less and i'm afraid i will believe he is just another politician in a long line of corporate-owned White House lawn jockeys, pushed into office by evil corporations to make us believe in the charade they've been calling democracy.

This, however, requires us to be specific about the things we need. So, what do you want from President Obama in the first 6 months of his tenure as president as proof that he is representing the voice, views and beliefs of his constituents?

I will put mine down first: There are about 142,000 troops in Iraq- I expect you to bring home 25,000 at the very least in your first six months (beginning with those who were stop-lossed), as well as establish a timetable to remove all of our troops from the middle east.

Who's next?


Isaiah Os said...

My thing is I do not mind the idea of raising taxes overall including the rich and well to do. What I want to see if it is implemented that the economy as a whole. I really don't need to hear about tax cuts which hurt the nation in the long run and provide less and less support for the public. If the taxes are raised I want to see in first year more support for public foundations like more hours for libraries, etc.