Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Octo Mom Is Bat-Sh*t Crazy

Childbearing is awesome. I love babies and children - it lends hope that there is a future and it can be bright.

Then I read about Nadya Suleman.

And I decided to revise my previous fuzzy feeling.

Because she's fucking crazy. And if I ever met her, I'd be inclined to punch her in the face, and I mean that.

Nadya is single, unemployed and still in school. She has 6 children....and just gave birth to 8 more. (But wait, there's more!)

She conceived these children...drum roll please....via in-vitro fertilization.


Did I mention that she was selfish?

This is wrong on so many levels. SO MANY. I am a pro-choice woman, although the thought of aborting a child would put me in a place I'd rather not be, I believe that women should have a choice what happens to AND inside their bodies.

Of course, Nadya has the right to have IVF done; it's every woman's god given right to house her offspring. However, it's socially irresponsible.

She now has 14 mouths to feed and she's single and unemployed. How she afforded the procedure in the first place, I'm not sure.

But how selfish could you be to subject your children to potential danger. Isn't it instintual to want to shed your children from all possible dangers. So how could this woman openly throw them to the dangers, of oh say...STARVATION.

Not to mention, the possibility of developmental problems that come along with multiple births.
Raising a child who has a mental or developmental disability costs money, a lot of money. How does she intend to raise them with those kinds of odds? Oh, she said that she's planning on finishing school and that will enable her to provide for her children.

Right, she's going to finish school while taking care of 8 infants and her 6 other kids, on her own.

I'm all for having kids, I can't wait to have my own. And I respect any woman who goes through the process of carrying and raising children. But there comes a point where you have to ask yourself, "will having this child inhibit my ability to provide for them fully?"

How can you have a child and not have the means and resources to raise them? That's irresponsible parenting. It's much more than the 9 months that you carry them. It's a lifetime's worth or work AND money.

I feel physically ill thinking about the futures of those 14 children. I come from a huge family and I'm well aware of the intrinsic value of a big family but I'm also aware that it costs a lot of money to maintain and sustain a healthy lifestyle. What's going to happen to these kids if she can't do that? Foster care? Adoption?

As a woman, I strongly feel that this is wrong, morally and ethically. I don't get it. She wanted to be a mom, that's great, how about you be a mom to the 6 children you already had? Was it necessary to implant 6 embryo's? 1 of which split into twins.

I would love to be a mother one day and I empathize with those who try and cannot. But I feel nothing but sorrow for the children of those women who are entirely selfish, delusional and just plain irresponsible. I hate you stupid women who are selfish. You take away the real meaning of being a mother and substitute it with something to fill the gap for your lifetime of "not being loved".

Just because you have a uterus - doesn't mean you have to use it.
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