Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something before I sleep...A thought

Every single day I open my eyes, the gears moves inside my head rapidly developing the image which govern my writing. Then there is the time where I am in and out of sleep like now. In this twilight hour, I am propelled constantly in between the fiction and facts of reality. Within these walls, I experience the full comforts of delusions. The feeling of identity slips past my hollowed grasp. I can hear the notes of unwritten music resonating as my gaze is fixed on the unknown lover singing each lyric that has been familiarly foreign to me. I blink and I am at war, tasting the dried blood in my cheek and the smell of burning bone. On my knees, I take hold of the fought over earth and feel it warm among the surrounding shrapnel. From these hands, I see the ghosts of the children that I have never fathered. One breath and I am home again, in my skin still shaking. Just knowing where my mind goes from time to time, I wonder if I am real before I sleep.
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