Monday, April 19, 2010

Struggle by Harus

So much defeat pounding on asphalt. Resignations of complacent drones litter compose most of the city's air. There is outrage in their hearts and they have no will to act upon them. How can you have a voice if you never dare to? Schemers, plotters and manipulators behind every brick and screen gaining profit from these fearful. All of it happening right in front of you all. You all know it very well, yet let it comes to pass like your own disappointment. You turn, shun those who do what they can in your place and in their own as the villains. Doing this without knowing how you all have become a source of evil. Infecting with every inaction and dismissal. I walk on by helping no one and doing something. I cannot allow myself to lured into the trap of the current state of despair. Breaking through even with shattered knuckles I can see my blood flow. I live, I hurt, I am and you are left undefined.
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