Saturday, September 27, 2008

Danny McBride saves the summer.

I know what you're thinking. 'But dudeman, it's like October WTF!'. To that I say shutup! Anyways this summer saw a lot of action at the movies. Comic heroes, comedy heroes, and the rest.... Batman made a huge splash, but the real hero this summer is the incomprable Danny McBride.

Let's start with Pineapple Express. The stoner 'bromantic' comedy featured Seth Rogen and a scruffed up James Franco as a smoker and dealer bonding over the course of several action packed scenes. We are introduced to Red (McBride) a sniveling, spineless, ex-hooker with a heart of gold. It's hard not to love him as he lay bleeding on the floor- 'Guys, I got your back' he says. Not a minute later the villains enter, at which point he instantly rats his friends out. His delivery was top notch the whole way through. As the shit hits the fan, a battered and bloody Red comes to the rescue of Rogen and Franco.

Now onto a lesser known movie, Tropic Thunder. In this McBride plays Cody, the pyrotechnic with a missing ear and finger. This was clearly McBrides time to shine and I am soooo grateful for Ben Stiller giving him the opportunity. In Thunder, again McBride comes to the rescue when the shit hits the fan. Spouting one-liners left and right -"Mother Nature just pissed her pantsuit!'- it became clear to me that McBride is on the way up.

'Fist Foot Way' is McBride's vehicle. And for all
 the praise I give him, I haven't seen it. Though word on the street is, it is awesome. I highly recommend you look up this genius, before they say you're just jumping on the bandwagon.

Big Ass TITTIES!!!!
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