Monday, September 15, 2008

Great weekend, how was yours?

I went to a great party this weekend and met a lot of amazing people. Keep your eyes and ears open for the next few events, which will be featuring all kinds of fun: from the Swirling Whirl of colors of the Moving Art Sho, to the new interactive format for the next Urban Art Sho, to interactive fashion, jewelry, sculpture and showcased music events!
Here's whats known for sure:
  • September 30th is the Mercury Soapbox moving art sho "A Whirl of Colors" - we are still booking body and face painters and looking for attendees who want to get painted...
  • October 15th will be the next Urban Art Sho - featuring GIC and Funkface on stage, 3 or 4 urban inspired artists, our collective art peice project and a hip hop jam session...
  • if you have an idea for an event you think would be cool, don't hesitate- participate! Let us know and we'll see what we can do!
See Ya Soon!

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