Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Update

Hey guys, hows it going? Just want to get to a few points really quick before i have to run out for the weekend:
  • STOCKS SOARING ON FEDERAL PROMISE- Come on, you should know better. This country is in a terrible financial stat and the feds can't bail us out of anything. They certainly can't afford to keep printing more money.
  • NYPD REPORTS BLACKS AND LATINOS LEAD CRIME STATS - Apparently 88% of the people murdered in NYC so far this year have been black and hispanic. WTF? Why is that number so high? And the NYPD is saying "anecdotally... black and hispanic victims tend to be attacked by black and hispanic criminals." I dont know, sounds like something a racist white cop would say...
  • DUDE KICKS CAT - and for some reason, that's major news. Fuckin media is ridiculous sometimes.
  • WORLDS SMALLEST MAN VISITS NYC - and the pictures are awesome. Supposedly this guy is quite the ladies man.
  • MOVIES TO CONSIDER CHECKING OUT - Ghost town, Lakeview Terrace, Appaloosa. If you happen to catch one of these, write a review and we'll post it here :)
Peace y'all and have a great weekend.


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