Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another wonderfully joyous night of art and music...

Oh, man what a night! We had a blast and as the pictures come rolling in, i'll be editting and posting them. Really quick, i want to shout a few people out for comin thru...
  • Big props go to Gully, Rabbi Darkside, Raquel Manuela and Jon Axelrod for doing their respective thing. There was a lot of talent in the room and everyone in attendance had their wigs blown back by the art and music.
  • Of course big shouts to the Mercury Soapbox family (including but not limited to): Komon, E Money, DanSke, Kenneth, Tina & Tania! You guys make it work, and i thank you from the corazon.
  • Big ups to Cathleen, who kept the drinks flowin and volume turned up, lol.
  • oh yeah, A GIANT BOO! to the douches smoking in the bathroom. According to several sources a trio comprised of cops and soldiers swaddled into our spot, burned up some pot in the bathroom and then did the quick dip when Cath brought it to our attention. My peeps know when and where to burn, and we don't shit where we eat...
I'll be updating soon, so stay tuned.
oh yeah- danny, that mortician line killed 'em!
Peace Y'all!
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