Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I was going to wait until tomorrow...

after the AUAS event, but a few things need to be addressed.

  • THE DEBATE - The last Presidential debate is going to be held tomorrow night. It looks like most people i've spoken to either already know who they're voting for or have decided not to vote. Strangely enough though, the people i know that are not voting are the ones doing research on both candidates, the last three administrations, and the patterns of political (and thus) world history. It seems that many voters are listening to only their party's words, promises and excuses and not actively seeking the truth from their candidates. In one of my first posts, i asked for a time specific result from Senator Obama and i have yet to hear a promise for one. Just do your research, learn who your candidates are, how they got to be where they are, double and cross check your references (dont get everything from cnn.com but dont get everything from prisonplanet.com either) and make your own decision when you vote. But please vote.
  • THE SHOWS - The shows are doing pretty well right now, we're very happy with the crowd and their enthusiasm for our interactive fun at the events. We've done collective art work (a personal fav), body and face painting, polaroid shooting and more. BUT we want to expand into other medias like sculpture, glass works, jewelry, clothing, sneakers, metal work- we have dozens of direction to go but we need your help. Soon we'll be taking donations, nothing's obligated but every bit helps, to help us keep new, interesting and fun events coming to you and keep helping all artists get the exposure they need and deserve.
  • THE LINE-UP - The next few shows are as follows: October 29th>Hip Hop Halloween Party, November 12th>Event TBD, November 26th>Untitled Thanksgiving Eve Party
Till next time, hope to see you tomorrow!

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