Thursday, October 16, 2008

AUAS: A Smashing Success!

Whew! That was crazy!! The night started off very stressful because our live band, GIC & FunkFace, flaked out last minute and we had promised everyone live hip hop. Well instead we ended up inviting MC's in the crowd to jump on stage and take turns beating down the mic and it rocked!! The crowd was going, people were dancing to the phat beats, courtesy of DJ Komon and DJ E Money, and just generally having a great time! Our featured artists, Seanne Catedral and Amanda Perez, hit it off and checked out each others work while the crowed browsed they're inspired works and bobbed their heads to the tasty tunes in the air.

All the pictures are going to come soon, i'll start posting them as early as this afternoon. A few things to remember - 
  • PLEASE, if you have pictures, email them to, that way we can post them and everyone can enjoy :)
  • If you showed at a Mercury Soapbox event or freestyled or performed- please send us a link at so ppl can check out your page. I'll put a link right over here ------------------------------------------------------------------------->
    in the buddy blogs section or in the ms family links. I only ask that you return the love and post a link on your page.
  • Next few events - Oct. 29th>Hip Hop Halloween Party, November 12th>Kick and Tee Fashion Sho (if you know t-shirt designers or kick customizers, tell them to please contact us), November 26th>Grateful and Giving Charity Party (still working out details, but will be showcasing many bands so please contact us if you want to play)
  • If you guys have any ideas for events, please hit us up and let us know...
Ciao for now Brown Cows!
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